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Clothes Doctor

Located in the U.K., they offer repair services for your garments. 


Goods and Services

They offer repairs from basic resoles to new heel counters and specialize in custom resoling for sneakers. They create one-of-a-kind bespoke shoes of all types by appointment only. They are located in Los Angeles. 


Santana Leather Care 

Founded in New York City with several locations in the U.S., they specialize in restoring leather goods from shoes, boots, handbags, wallets, belts, and garments. Order a repair online.


Repairs and alterations platform collected and delivered to your door. They also partner with brands. Located in the U.K. 


The Seam

Located in the U.K., they connect you with a repair specialist. There are tailors, made-to-measure, embroidery, leather restoration, handbag cleaning, knitwear repair, footwear repair, and cleaning specialists. 


The Cobblers

They repair shoes, handbags, sneakers, luggage, jewelry, watches, hats, belts, and wallets. Based in the U.S. Submit a quote request online. I.G.: @thecobblersofficial

Extended Producer Responsibility

Brands with repair services as part of their business model.

Barbour (U.S. Site)

Offering repairs since 1921 includes bespoke embroidery, re-waxing, and repair services. 

Hermes (U.S. Site)

Hermès has trained professionals to repair handbags, watches, jewelry, accessories, and home and ready-to-wear items. 


John Lobb

John Lobb concierge service offers repair for a fee.


Levi's (U.S. Site) 

Levi's tailor shops offer alterations, repair, and customized services in stores. 

Levi's Haus London in Soho offers repair services, custom-made Levi's, a recycling program for your old jeans, and a shop. 

Mulberry (US Site)

They offer a repair service for bags that develop a defect. All of their leather bags carry a 12-month guarantee from the date of purchase. They offer a repair service for bags outside their warranty for a fee.


Nudie Jeans

They will repair your Nudie jeans for free at their in-store repair shops at boutiques worldwide. They also have repair partners. Nudie refurbishes and resells jeans under its Re-use program. 


Start your repair online or bring it into a Patagonia-owned store.

Repair Kits

Clothes Doctor

They offer clothing care kits for wovens, knits, leather, and laundry essentials. The packaging is plastic-free. They are made and sourced in the U.K. International shipping available for a fee.

Fashion Therapy

Visit their website for clothes mending tutorials and how to build your repair kit.


Re-weaving services repair damaged clothes from insects such as clothes moths, carpet beetles, silverfish, termites, and cockroaches. They repair holes in wool and cashmere suiting, sweaters, and more. 

Google re-weaving services near you or send your garments to a trusted provider. 

Save Your Wardrobe

Save Your Wardrobe

An fashion tech platform for customers, brands and service providers. For customers, upload what's in your closet through the app. They connect you with your favorite brands, and a clothes care network  to refresh, repair, rewear, upcycle, and eco-cleaning. They help you make the most of everything you own and give you stats along the way. Located in London. 

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