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Recycling Programs

Recycling Programs

When donating items to places like The Goodwill, ensure they are clean. Also, shoes should be tied together by laces or rubber bands to prevent them from separating. 

Earth 911

A recycling database helping you make small, simple changes that will reduce the environmental impact of your life, work, and shopping. Visit their website to learn how to recycle many items such as electronics, household, batteries, metal, plastic, etcetera. They also have informative articles on various topics. Download their app. 


Bring in denim from any brand to a Levi's outlet. Get 20% off an item if you choose. 

For Days

They accept all textiles, including socks, underwear, sheets, pillowcases, towels, textile scraps, linens, shoes, and handbags in any condition. Order a Take Back Bag for $20, clean your closet, and send your filled bag. You'll earn $20 in Closet Cash credit towards your next purchase for every Take Back Bag you ordered.

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